Neeraj Rishi

Graduate in sciences with biochemistry and chemistry as major subjects also is a Masters of sciences in Chemistry. After that, watching how teaching has been degraded by teachers just for their own benefit, he decided to teach real sciences so society can grow and not just the teacher.

Has a teaching experience of 3 years.

Has taught all kind of students and helped them not just to achieve good grades in academics but also strive for greatness.


Students can approach him with any doubt at anytime and he would not back down  from clearing the doubt. Since he has a physics and biology background also so both Medical and Non-Medical students are happy with his approach. So nothing is impossible to achieve when you put your heart and mind to it and when you have  right people to back you up. We are that people.

Believes in ” greatness never happen in a comfort zone, before you can conquer Everest, you have to climb that mountain of doubt in your head.”